Cryptocurrency Market Analysis PlatformBased on AI Technology and Big Data

Discover valuable cryptocurrency information from around the world.
The AI created by the researchers of University of Tokyo, works 24/7 all year round, collecting and analyzing Big Data of cryptocurrency from all over the world.


AI gathers information for YOU

  • Capable to collect information from multi-language resources, including English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and etc.
  • 24/7 real time non-stop monitoring latest news from all over the world.

SIGNAL’s Unique Index System SDI and SSI

  • SSI (Signal Sentiment Index) indicates the trend of market investors’s attitudes changes towards certain cryptocurrency, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.
  • SDI (Signal Development Index) quantifies the developing progress of alt coins, evaluates developer teams of different cryptocurrencies.
  • Contract Expert Reports are also one of the important resources we provide to users.

Real Time Alert When the Market Fluctuate

  • Alerts will be sent out via the social media you use the most. For example, in Japan, it will be LINE or Facebook.
  • You will not miss any turning point in the market anymore!
  • Privilege for Registered Users, Free for Registration NOW!
  • SIGNAL will not miss any critical news you might have overlooked.
Our Challenge

Avoid missing the ‘good buying time’ and the ‘good selling time’
SIGNAL's new challenge


Toward maximization of return on cryptocurrency investment

The cryptocurrency market continues to increase not through "short-term trends", but through "innovations that change the world". The current situation is that it is difficult for investors to predict the movement of the market as the currency fluctuates intensely due to various factors and scattered information.

Price movements of major coins since January 1st 2017

*Coins were picked from the top 100 in the market capitalization that were listed since January 1st


Discover valuable cryptocurrency information from around the world.

We began collecting all existing information that pertains to cryptocurrency from the Web such as text information, transaction data on blockchain, mining data, cryptocurrency codings, fluctuation charts, and proprietary expert reports, in a meaningful way.


Our AI system analyzes and provides cryptocurrency big data.

Information volume about cryptocurrencies around the world is massive, thus it is challenging for a human to obtain and analyze all the information. By organizing and providing cryptocurrency big data with AI technology, we aim to aid investors to efficiently collect useful information.

SIGNAL HELPS YOU Prioritize investments Identify growth opportunities within Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Market Forecast Platform Based on AI Technology and Big Data

The AI created by the researchers of University of Tokyo, works 24/7 all year round, collecting and analyzing Big Data of cryptocurrency from all over the world.


Valuable cryptocurrency information from around the world in your handsSIGNAL App

SIGNAL App is a service that allows you to check useful information for cryptocurrency trading on iOS and Android applications. You willl be able to receive information about the events that potentially has effects on the market, and also see the analysis comments by events sentiment analysis and SIGNAL analysts. It can analyze how the number of people who talk about important events increase, as well as what kind of sentiments they have. In addition, you can also see the comments of SIGNAL Analyst, which are the collective opinions by the experts..

Notification of Good Buying and Selling Times for CryptocurrencySIGNAL Alert

SIGNAL Alert is a service that helps the investors to miss less of the ’good buying time’ or ‘good selling time’, by sending notifications on LINE when events that can potentially affect the price movements in the market occur. Listing information of the cryptocurrency, such as the cause of the price to skyrocket, or crash (ex. halting the currency exchange), will be shared with you as soon as it is released out into the world. We also notify you with overseas incidences, such as news from China, and the United States.

Examples of Offered Information

  • The Chinese stock exchange will shut down.
  • Find out the technical bug of the Bitcoin.
  • A large-scale update has taken place at Ethereum.
  • IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde said in public, "The banking industry will end and the encryption currency will win".

  • It has been decided that Monacoin will be listed on bitFlyer.
  • Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak commented that "Bitcoins are superior to gold and fake US dollars"

Cryptocurrency Investors’ Dashboard (For Professionals)SIGNAL Board

SIGNAL Board is a dashboard that AI organizes cryptocurrency Big Data for investors to collect information efficiently. SSI and SDI, which are SIGNAL independent evaluation index, can be seen on the dashboard. It is easy to understand the correlation between people’s expectation on cryptocurrency, technical news, and price movement. In addition, a cryptocurrency list page is being developed, which will show Altcoin's trending and the expected reliability of the coins.

About the Unique Evaluation Index SSI and SDI

  • SSI(Signal Sentiment Index)

    SSI (Signal Sentiment Index) is a sentiment index that represents extracted text information from the web about market participants. Emotional scores, such as positive and negative ones, in which market participants have regarding certain cryptocurrency are displayed through the SSI (Signal Sentiment Index).

  • SDI(Signal Development Index)

    SDI (Signal Development Index) is an index that quantifies the development speed of each cryptocurrency, the degree of maturity of the community of developers, and the development capabilities of the team. It is an indicator to show the potential growth of the cryptocurrency.



Ryo Ito


Masters at Tokyo University Engineering. Piqued by how individualconsumers interpret information and how it leads to economical activities,Ito investigates marketing science. Later, Ito was interested in moremacro economical phenomenon, and started investigating financialmarket analysis. Currently, Ito specializes in machine learning in thecontext of financial markets and natural language processing. Ito nowworks on 2 journals, 1 international conference, 6 oral presentations and investigation, specifically onfinancial market's informational asymmetry and the limits of investor cognition.


Financial text mining's technological trend Securities Analyst Journal 2017 vol55 No.10
The 30th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2016
Construction and evaluation of the business recommendation system between companies using the text information IEICE , vol. 115, no. 222, NLC2015-24, pp. 43-46, 2015 Sept.

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Founder & CEO

Yusuke Takahashi


CEO of Factbase Inc., Serial Entrepreneur, started his first company Ezmom in his sophomore year in Osaka University Law Department. With the 1M USD investment to Ezmom (Game promoting Industry) in early-stage rounds, Takahashi managed to lead the team to gain millions of views per month on the platform and keep Ezmom as a mature company till now. FACTBASE is the new startup he launched in 2017, within 2 months, attracted million level Angel round and many other offers. Takahashi united a team of doctor graduates researchers from Tokyo University, and an experienced project team to utilize AI, big data, machine learning and natural language processing system technology to collect and analyze information about cryptocurrency including bitcoin, and other ICO projects. Factbase aims to be the Bloomberg of cryptocurrency in the coming future.


仮想通貨の価格変動をAIで分析するSIGNAL 開発会社FACTBASE代表の高橋氏にインタビュー

Tsubasa Maeda


Engineering Science at Osaka University. Former stock investor. Maedawas in charge of bank-end development, front-end development,infrastructure supervision as Chief Engineer at Ezmom Inc.During school, Maeda experienced Cyberside development atCyberagent Inc., Android development at Recruit Inc., and machinelearning development at Gunosy Inc. At FACTBASE, Maeda is in chargeof developing interface between data infrastructure and users.

Growth Hacker

Masayoshi Kono


Kono is the co-founder of Ezmom (2013 Aug.) He procured 100 million yen as CEO, and took charge of game-user contents. During his time in school, Kawano interned at KAYAC Inc. and served as game director at Applibot. From receiving highest marks in TechCrunch hackathon 2014, Kawano was awarded for his stellar performance in more than 10 hackathons and business contests. Softbank academia 7th generation graduate. In charge of product UX design at FACTBASE.